Autobusbedrijf launches iOS version of bus app

Autobusbedrijf launches iOS version of bus app

Today, during a presentation for ministers Charles Cooper (Traffic, Transport, and Urban Planning) and Ornelio Martina (Management, Planning and Services) and their staff, Autbobusbedrijf Curaçao launched the iOS version of their bus app. 

The Android version of the app had already been launched at an event earlier this year and ABC said back then that they had begun work on the iOS version. And now it's live. The new app is available for iPhones and iPads and works in exactly the same way as the Android version.

With the bus app you can find information about 1000+ bus stops on the island, including the bus routes that service the stop and when the next bus is due to arrive, you can plan a route from A to B, and view the main bus schedules and routes.

Next up for this extensive project is the inclusion of real-time arrival predictions and adding a set of 'quality of life' improvements for the app. 

You can download the ABC Curaçao bus app for your iPhone or iPad at the App Store