Willemstad Smart City

The goal of this website is to allow Curaçao's local companies, universities, and government entities to collaborate, showcase projects, find investors, and promote initiatives. Besides this we also provide a centralized way of uploading requests for proposals and we try to keep people informed on what's happening in Curaçao when it comes to Smart City projects.

In 2016 Curaçao's Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BTnP) organized the conference "Smart Nation: Curaçao objectives beyond 2020". This was followed by the introduction of the Curaçao Smart Nation initiative; an open platform supported by the Government through which collective efforts of smart nation stakeholders are united to achieve innovative people-centric solutions to address current and upcoming challenges that Curaçao is facing. 

Since then there has been activity on Curaçao's Smart City/Nation front with many public and private initiatives ranging from environment-focused projects to smart mobility projects and from dedicated apps to neighborhood mobilizations. The pandemic, and its related economic challenges, threw a spanner in the works of many public-private partnerships even though it forced local companies to embrace key concepts of Smart City to stay in business.

Let's pick up where we left off and work on improving the quality of life for everyone on this amazing island!

This website is backed by the Curaçao Smart Nation initiative. Be sure to join the conversation in their Facebook Group