Curacao Covid App

Curaçao's Digital Corona Certificate registration is now open

Last Friday the Curaçao government announced that this week it will launch the Curaçao Health App. If you go to now you can already register and get your own EU Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) in the form of a QR-code. During the press conference last Friday they said that they want to use the app for 2 things: 1) allow vaccinated people from Curaçao to get a DCC so they can travel in Europe and 2) use it as a gatekeeper for the hospitality/entertainment sector. The first is active right now already and the second is apparently planned to become active later this week.

The app appears to be a version of the Dutch Coronacheck app for Curaçao (based on website similarities and Dutch contact details to be found in the site), but with limited functionality. With the Coronacheck app you can upload either a recent Covid-test, a recovery certificate, or proof of vaccination. With the Curaçao Health App on the other hand the only way to get a DCC is by proving that you've been vaccinated in Curaçao. This means that the Curaçao DCC is only available for people who have been vaccinated, not for the recently recovered or tested. In the privacy statement they do mention that at a later time it will also be possible to upload a recovery statement or recent test, but no date on when this will happen.

The process to get your DCC is relatively easy. You need to answer some personal details questions and you need to fill out information like the date and batch number of your shots. They compare this information to the records that the Department of Health has of the vaccinated people and, if it all checks out, you're sent a confirmation code in your email. You can then use this code to get your personal QR-code. They mention a wait time of 48 hours which is probably only relevant if someone fills out the wrong information which will prompt a person to look at what you filled out. Otherwise it's all automatic.

During the press conference there were some questions about availability of the app's services as well as security. The answer was that it's wise to also keep a paper copy of your QR-code with you (re: availability) and that the app has been tested extensively and adheres to the highest standards in security. Time will tell how sturdy these assurances are but if the app is indeed a copy of the Coronacheck app then that would be a big plus since that app's been live in Europe for some time already.
Update 10/11/'21: there were already reports today that people weren't getting their 6-digit confirmation codes. These codes are generated by an API server in Curaçao which probably got a bit too busy so we're assuming the site was very popular today and people should just try again later.