Curaçao Innovation Award 2021

This November the Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) and the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) organize the 23rd edition of the Curaçao Innovation Award. You can still register your innovation until October 3rd, 2021 and this year you can also nominate someone else's innovation. 

The Innovation Award has been a mainstay of innovative Curaçao since 1996 (for the math aficionados: yes, the awards didn't happen several years) under different names. The mission of the organizers has stayed the same throughout; to highlight recent local innovations to stimulate local organizations/companies to innovate. Over the years the award categories changed but they've been pretty steady over the last 5 years. The current categories are:

  • Business Innovation Award
    For the company with the most creative economy-effective business concept.
  • Junior Innovation Award
    For the most promising, innovative business or project concept by someone under 25 years old.
  • Social Innovation Award
    For the innovator who most creatively contributes to involving the whole community and fulfilling social needs.
  • Sustainable Innovation Award
    For the one whose innovation contributes most to a more sustainable island/world.
  • People's Choice Award
    For the most inspiring innovator, with an innovation that appeals most to the public and can get the most traction on social media.
  • Curaçao Innovation Award
    The grand prize is awarded to the innovation with the most potential societal impact and which achieves the most synergy over all the categories.

This year there are 2 changes to the 'normal' format of the awards. Normally the innovation has to have been introduced to the local market at least a year ago, but this year -due to the pandemic- the innovation can also have been introduced after March 16, 2020. The other change is that people can now also nominate an innovation by someone else. So if you know of an innovation that you think should be considered, you can now nominate it.

Entering and participating in the awards is very easy. All you need to do is register your innovation, answer a couple questions about you and your innovation, and explain what it is to the jury committee. You may also need to record a short video for the People's Choice Award as in previous years, but that's unclear so far. That's all there is to it and the rest is just letting your innovation do the talking and showing up to accept your award and have bragging rights for a year (provided you created that winning innovation of course).