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Joost Schrier

Curaçao 311

Just providing information
Curaçao 311 is a platform for citizens by citizens to help accelerate the application of solutions for our everyday problems. The first step towards solving a problem is to recognize, take notice, assess and document it. With the use of technology, it is now easier for all citizens to help gather important data and participate into this very first step towards bringing more solutions into our everyday lives. After all, it is up to ourselves to take care of this beautiful island we call home.

Just as the concept of 911 is adopted worldwide for the reporting of emergencies, the concept of 311 is also widely used internationally to report non-emergencies to the community. It is being used in small communities as a neighborhood watch and is also being used in large cities to report all kinds of issues that need to be tended to. Gathering this data will also create more awareness for all citizens on a wide scale of different problem areas that are part of our everyday lives. The data is publicly available for all interested parties.

The way it works is that people can download the app for their Android or iOS phone and then use it to report issues they see out on the streets. These issues can range from potholes to garbage in the street and from accessibility issues to social distancing problems. You simply choose a category, add a picture and description (optional) and the location is added automatically. You can choose to enter contact details, or not, and then submit your report. Certain categories have been 'adopted' by government departments / NGO's and they have access to the reports that are made in those categories. If they fix your report you'll be able to see this on the website and in the app under 'my reports'.

We take privacy seriously and when you make a report you can do so entirely anonymously. Nothing identifiable is recorded so even the app developers won't be able to see who you are if you report anonymously.