CITI Startup Launchpad 2021

CITI's Startup Launchpad is back for its 2021 edition

Registration is open for CITI's Startup Launchpad 2021 and all startups and small companies are invited to register for this year's 4th edition.

Started in 2017, the Startup Launchpad, organized by CITI and MEO, has launched many a company already through hard work, dedication, and innovation. This year's launchpad consists of 6 months of intense, interactive training both online and in-person. During the training sessions participants will learn about how to do business and to grow, how to build a network, discover their potential customers, and how to pitch their company to buyers.

During the first round (1 month) the participants will learn how to make their business succeed through self-assessment and identification of growth opportunities, and they will learn about how to do a pitch. At the end of the first round a pitch competition will decide which 10 companies will advance to round 2.

In round 2 (5 months) the 10 remaining companies will learn all about how to market their product, innovate, sell, and grow and everything else that's part of this process. This round then culminates in another pitch competition which will decide the final winner.

The Startup Launchpad is open for all startups and small companies between 1 and 5 years old who have an innovative business idea that can contribute to the development of Curaçao as a Smart Nation. You'll find more info and you can register on CITI's website until August 19, 2021.

If you need more information, you can send an email to CITI or call/send a Whatsapp message to +5999 738 6299.