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At some point in 2020 during the pandemic the government made it mandatory for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etcetera to register personal details of their guests. They were to keep those details at the company and, if asked, turn over the registrations of certain periods to the government for contact tracing.

The companies were not given any tools to do these registrations so most just used pen (the same pen used by everyone) and paper. We don't know if the government ever asked for these details but we imagine that if they did, someone would need to decipher the handwriting of 100's of people and copy the data into a database. This would costs a lot of time and be extremely prone to error.

This was the reason that we created the Checkin CW app. With this app people could fill in their details once and then use the app to register their visit at every participating company via a QR code. The data was put in a database and sent to the participating companies in a CSV file every day or every few days. The data was then wiped from the database so only the participating company would have those details, as mandated by the government, digitally. For people who didn't want to use an app we created a website which functioned almost exactly the same way.

We built it in a couple of days, had about 20 participating companies -from coffee shops to gyms-, and processed roughly 10,000 registrations. The mandate to register guests fizzled out in 2021 and the app is not in use anymore right now, but if a similar mandate comes back, or someone wants to use it as a low-barrier way of monitoring attendance, it can be activated again.