The goal of this website is to allow Curaçao's local companies, universities, and government entities to collaborate, showcase projects, find investors, and promote initiatives. Besides this we also provide a centralized way of uploading requests for proposals and we try to keep people informed on what's happening in Curaçao when it comes to Smart City projects.

Aqualectra Smart Meters and Smart Grid

The possibilities of Aqualectra's new Smart Meters

Last week local media reported that Aqualectra, Curaçao's power- and water provider, had started the roll out of their smart meters project. Over the course of the coming 3 years they intend to replace the old power- (~85,000) and water (~80,000) meters with these new smart meters. Aqualectra hasn't provided much information in the media about the implications of the new meters so we hope to give some background here about Smart Meters, AMI, Smart Grids, and what those fancy words mean for the end user.

Curacao Clean Up

The Curaçao Clean Up Foundation Interview

Every year in September the Curaçao Clean Up Foundation organizes the World Cleanup Day in Curaçao. During this event thousands of volunteers take to the streets and bays to clean up the mess people have made during the rest of the year. It’s not a particularly high-tech endeavor but it is a good example of how a small grassroots initiative has grown into an influential public-private partnership.